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  1. When I hit “merge” in the pathfinder, my strokes around the outlined type disappear. How do you keep the strokes looking like they do?

    • I think what is happening is you need to expand the stroke of the text first, then merge. If you just hit merge without expanding the stroke, it will disappear. To do this, select your text with the selection tool (black arrow) and go to Object > Expand Appearance (make sure Stroke is checked). While everything is still selected, click the merge icon. That should help.

      Unless you want your text all together, make sure they aren’t touching when you merge. Otherwise they will be one shape, which is fine if that’s what you’re going for. Hope this helps.

  2. Three years after you wrote it, this is still very helpful…..and quite organized in presentation. Thank you!!

  3. What exactly does merging do anyway?


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