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  1. I am not a lawyer, but:

    It’s not entirely clear how copyright law works in the case of typefaces. You can’t copyright the design of a typeface, but you can potentially copyright the PostScript/TrueType data that draws it.

    I don’t know enough about the inner workings of font rendering to say, but I think the only situation that would get you in trouble is if you modified an actual font file (ie: the truetype or postscript information) and redistributed it. Rendering the font to a bitmap and changing the bitmap data should be okay, as would creating a new font that exactly mimics the old one.

    More discussion is here on boingboing.

    • Yeah it’s a lot to read. I just play it safe by sending emails to the people use fonts I use, that way I have a clear yes or no from them. It takes time for a response, but it’s so much easier that way, unless they have it in plain English in the font contract.


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