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11 Logos you don't want

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I can tell you that I research logos and design on a daily basis. I have been for a good 8 years. I have noticed a TON of logos that are just overused. The main problem is with too many people going to a crowdsourcing site, and buying logos that follow a trend. It may look like you’re getting a good deal, but looks can be deceiving, and like all trends, it will become an old forgotten design in about a year or so.

Great designs are more than just trendy. They are the simplified essence of your business and everything it represents. When a customer, client, and future prospects look at it, they will feel like they are investing their time, energy, and money into something they can trust. Only you can make your business become popular, and your logo helps people feel invested in that ideal. Choose your logo wisely, and if you see a logo you love, make your designer explain how they came to that decision. Make sure there is relevant meaning behind it.

With that in mind, please have a look at what I find to be, some of the most overused logos I have ever seen.

Abstract People

abstract people logos

They are overdone and not unique in any way. If you want a person used in your design, make sure it looks unique and represents what you stand for.


business logos

All businesses are interested in increasing sales and profits. Do we really need to show it for the logo?


circle logos

Circles of every kind can be fun to look at, but when it comes to standing out, you’re out of luck. People can associate all circles logos as the same thing after seeing too many of them. Think about how you can stand out!


globe logos

When you do something worldwide, you don’t have to show the world in your design. FedEx ships worldwide, and they don’t use a globe to prove it.


green logos

The “green” scene has sprouted huge this past few years. Everyone is health conscious, and to show them you are too, you use a leaf in your logo? Going “green” is about more than leaves and twigs. Think harder and deeper about it’s meaning and how to apply this to your company goals.


house logos

Century 21 is a well known company, but just because they use a house in their logo, doesn’t mean you should. These house designs are so common, I don’t think customers remember your logo as much as you name. Try something more fun, cheerful, and exciting. It’s like buying a new home!


medical logos

Yet another tragically overused concept. The plus/cross for anything medical is of course a dead giveaway as to what you do. But the ones who made that popular wasn’t you. Make a logo your own, make it unique, and make sure it stands out. Create a new normal.


photography logos

We know a camera has a shutter. Why must we make thing so common and painfully obvious. Again, you want to focus on what makes your photos better than the competition. Don’t blend into the crowd, or no one will find you.


skyline logos

Skylines are cool to look at, but if that’s all that makes your logo, maybe a revamp is in order. Make it look better than a blob of buildings and add some flare to it.


swoosh logos

Let’s face a fact right now. Nike is the only swoosh that anybody ever sees. If you have a swoosh logo, deep down, it will most likely remind everyone of Nike. Lets just stay away from these.

Talk Bubbles

talk bubble logos

Oh my, I don’t even know where to begin. These things have been done to death. I would find a better way to say communication all together.

This is my list based on my views. Of course if you don’t think this is true, I encourage you to think for yourself and do some research on the matter. Google “swoosh logos” for instance. You will see what I mean.


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  1. Ironic that none of the logos in the Photography subsection showed a shutter, they either sowed an aperture ring or film in the case of the one on the left.

  2. As a designer I really liked the article and I agree. How about another article to complement this one with functional examples?

    Originality is good as long as it works and I’m sure that some people need insights to a solution for their problems, not only the problems since too many probably already know them.

  3. fajas colombianas

    Some people tend to over exaggerate logos making them loose their professional feel of their line of work.


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