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Posts that don’t really have much to do with branding, but are maybe more personal than professional.

Is crowdsourcing a true win?

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Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931

Image by National Library NZ on The Commons via Flickr

Everyone is used to the criticism crowdsourcing brings. Besides talking about it being bad for designers, I wanted to take a walk in the contest holder’s shoes. I understand that you want a good deal, and getting as many designers to submit as possible may bring you the desired design you’re looking for. Times are tough, and if you can get more for your money, you will. Anybody would. With many crowdsourcing sites saying that they have great service, and money back guarantees, it’s hard to say no, especially if you don’t think having a logo is a big deal.

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Using Brand Names

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Have you ever noticed that we sometimes use brand names for things that aren’t really that brand? Have you ever said, “Can you pass me a Kleenex,” but that tissue wasn’t Kleenex brand? I think these brands have done more than establish themselves. They practically are that product, no matter what brand you buy. Here are a few I thought of, but I would love to hear about more:


I thought it was just interesting that we use some brands without actually using the brand.



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I have to say that freelancing is one of the most difficult and touchy things I’ve ever had to do. I have been up and down craig’s list lately seeing if I can find any nice projects, but no. I mean if you have seen the things on there… no really, just go look. Some people want designs for almost nothing, and the ones that really make me mad are the one’s that ask for “student’s looking to grow their portfolio.” Those ones are the worst. Almost all of them will say that they aren’t going to pay you, but you’ll get some experience and credit.

All I have to say is this. How often does a person look at the credits of anything just because they wanted to hire the person that did it? I have never caught myself saying, “Wow that guy who did the makeup in that movie did a great job! I’m going to hire him to do mine!” And exposure can only take you so far. Chances are that if you’re trying to get a design for free that your expose isn’t very far and the designers would have a better chance publicizing themselves. I work constantly to upgrade my work and my portfolio, and to gain exposure, so yeah, I can do that myself.

Bottom line, stop trying to take advantage of students. That’s not cool. And you students, stop saying your work isn’t worth any money. Everything is worth something.


Common Logos

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I was thinking of posting more of those Designs that should be free, so they are, and I was curious if anyone would have anything to share? Are you tired of seeing the same designs over and over again? Let me know and show me. I would be happy to make another page of common designs. Even though I alon can’t fight the crowdsourcing fight, I can make it much more difficult for designers and their generic ideas. Why has it become so “cookie-cutter” to be a designer? Is it really that hard to just do something original? I mean you could submit something hand drawn and I don’t think a single person would have the exact same thing.

I guess I have too many questions. There must be a way to meet between crowdsourcing and freelancing. I’ll think of something.


Adobe CS5 is here!!

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I got a chance to watch the Introduction of Adobe CS5 today, and I have to say, they definitely got my attention. You can watch the reveal here:

I can’t wait to try the Illustrator. Do you know that you can control the width of a brush strike without expanding it’s appearance? You can even set the dash marks to get in the corners of a path rather than try really really hard to do it yourself. Check out a sample video here:

I’m really aiming for the upgrade on the design premium package. There are a lot of other cool things the other programs do to, like Photoshop’s new content aware option. It’s so great.

I Like to Write

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I really like studying and writing about design. You can read several of my articles at

Coming up with ideas and writing about design can help you realize what you’re doing. It’s sort of like teaching someone a subject that you love. You are re-enforcing your own knowledge by teaching others. It actually feels sort of good. So the next time you want to really remember or learn something, try learning it and then teaching it to someone else.