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Is crowdsourcing a true win?

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Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931

Image by National Library NZ on The Commons via Flickr

Everyone is used to the criticism crowdsourcing brings. Besides talking about it being bad for designers, I wanted to take a walk in the contest holder’s shoes. I understand that you want a good deal, and getting as many designers to submit as possible may bring you the desired design you’re looking for. Times are tough, and if you can get more for your money, you will. Anybody would. With many crowdsourcing sites saying that they have great service, and money back guarantees, it’s hard to say no, especially if you don’t think having a logo is a big deal.

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Common Logos

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I was thinking of posting more of those Designs that should be free, so they are, and I was curious if anyone would have anything to share? Are you tired of seeing the same designs over and over again? Let me know and show me. I would be happy to make another page of common designs. Even though I alon can’t fight the crowdsourcing fight, I can make it much more difficult for designers and their generic ideas. Why has it become so “cookie-cutter” to be a designer? Is it really that hard to just do something original? I mean you could submit something hand drawn and I don’t think a single person would have the exact same thing.

I guess I have too many questions. There must be a way to meet between crowdsourcing and freelancing. I’ll think of something.


College, is it right for you?

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“The beauty of our site is that it doesn’t matter if you have a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design or if you’re a grandma in Tennessee with a bunch of free time and Adobe Illustrator If the client likes the grandma’s work better, then she’s going to get the job.”

This is a direct quote from a co-founder for a crowdsourcing site. The quote came from the Forbes website on “The Creativity of Crowds” article.

Having a college degree means you at least have a good solid foundation to work with clients. You know something about the market and how to attract people to a business with design. You have some know-how when it comes to doing research, and you can smash everything a company wants to share with the world into a logo. Even after all the experience, if you don’t have a job working for a company or studio, it will be very hard to pull in money as a freelancer. The median salary for a graphic designer is about $40,000, and that would require some form of higher education and experience.

When you can’t seem to enter the field, you may turn to freelance. This market is by far the most competitive in graphic design. We have sites offering a logo for as low as $50. I mean come on. That’s really low. No major corporation in their right mind would do that, but they would go through a crowdsourcing site. For a mere $200, a multimillion dollar industry could get hundreds of designs form a lot of designers willing to compete for the prize. Does that even sound like a good idea, placing the corporate identity of you’re huge company in the hands of possible amateurs? I guess it wouldn’t matter since the client owner would be the one choosing the design. But that again doesn’t make any sense. Why even go to a designer if you will be telling them what’s best for your company? Isn’t the whole point of hiring a designer to have confidence in the fact that they know what to do for you? It all seems a little odd.

You could really just come up with an idea, find someone who’s good with a vector program, and hire them for $50.

In the world today, with crowdsourcing and the economy, it’s almost impossible to get a decent design job as a freelancer. It was hard enough to begin with, but now it’s almost impossible. And when you can’t look to freelancing, you most likely look to a job, which again, is almost impossible to get. Hey, nobody ever says a graphic designers life is glamorous. My advice to anyone looking to get into the field is to test out crowdsourcing first. I mean getting a college degree will help a lot, if it’s a master’s, or if you’re some kind of prodigy. Let’s face some hard facts right now. Because of things like crowdsourcing, it almost eliminates the need for a real graphic designer, almost.

My personal experience

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The line has been drawn and there are 2 sides. Those who like crowdsourcing (sites like crowdspring and 99designs) and those who hate it. I am simply stating my experience. I’m not taking sides and I’m not talking badly about any site or anyone on the sites. Don’t let a lot of this get you down. My husband was a huge help in everything I did and accomplished. He gave up his dreams to help fulfill mine and I am very grateful to him for that.

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